Dravya module 201. Continuing from Block 2.

Teacher: Manjulali, Dr Priyanka Rajan

Basic Anatomy & Physiology for Ayurveda Students 30 Hrs/7 Lessons
Pre requisites: Admission into the program

Synopsis: The student will learn a basics of human body systems and their correlation with Ayurveda system of seven Dhatus, srotas and doshas.

Lesson Plans
Lesson 1: Introduction to western anatomy vs Ayurvedic anatomy
Lesson 2: Ayurvedic Perspective on all the systems in the body, Tissues and Membranes
Lesson 3: Ayurvedic Perspective on Cardiovascular system and Lymphatic System
Lesson 4: Ayurvedic Perspective Endocrine System, Musculoskelel system
Lesson 5: Ayurvedic Perspective on Nervous System
Lesson 6: Ayurvedic Perspective on urinary system
Lesson 7: Ayurvedic Perspective on Pain and Headaches

Grades 70% to pass

Ayurvedic Nidan for Specific Imbalances